Romantic Belgium – Brugge – BE

iconThere is no place like the one that touches your heart. You could travel a country from one corner to another one and still don’t find a magical place. For instance, in Spain, the location that is undoubtedly my favorite is Segovia (articles here) and in Portugal is Sintra (articles here). In Romania (even though I have no article yet) is Sinaia and in Germany is Munich (more here).

Brugge is the next city, on my list, that I saw once, and want to see more again.


Like you already know, I start all my journeys with a train station. This time I took the train from Gare de Midi, Brussels. There are many trains going to Brugge and is not so clear which ones while looking at the timetable board. So go to an info-point and ask for some details (English or French should be ok). They will print out exactly what you need and then you can go to the vending machines and buy a regular ticket.

When I got to Brugge it was raining and it was terribly cold. Luckily I had an umbrella, but my appetite for wondering around, slowly transformed into fatigue.


Brugge is all about canals. In some ways, the city resembles Venice, with the difference that is less populated by tourists (I mean there are no thousands on every street) and for this reason alone I find it to be more romantic than the Italian big brother.

Here too are many palaces and canals, and the resembles stop there.


In Brugge, buildings actually look like the colourful metallic boxes that house the special Belgian chocolate.

Markt – city centre.


Interesting place -> you look the upper half of the image and yes, you are in Belgium. You look the lower half of the image, and … yep it looks like Italy 🇮🇹



See? What did I tell you! Same houses, same colours, but now with tasty surprises.


I personally don’t like macaroons, but you have to admit they look great.


I should have made a good picture also of the best waffles I ever ate (like I said in the previous article) but I was to busy eating it.😂

Instead, I found this cute wood-toys workshop that features a version of me when I will be old. (I hope I will grow a big beard just like him)


Brugge is known for chocolate, beer and above all, for dentelle. Here is a famous workshop.


Dentelle on the window of a house.


Close to the central area, there are many canals and on each of them, swans straw quietly, still shy in front of the cameras.


Huge towers pierce the horizon on more than just one place.

Sint-Salvatorskathedraal, definitely to visit.


A quiet and beautiful residential area.


Well maybe they don’t have the Gondolas in Brugge, but the weather is not so good either for slow trips.





Windows peeking outside.


The most famous tower – Belfry of Brugge.



Provinciaal Hof – the palace that has three distinct architectural styles in one.


A magnificent City Hall -> some people have quite a privilege to come to work here. Cannot be compared with the simple modern glass towers…


Even on dark alleys, houses look neat and special.


Maybe this article was short and missing important places that others have featured.

But now I know I need two days minimum and I need a day without rain and cold.🤫😂

Till then, I will have some chocolate and catch you next week, between countries.



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