Chinese tea and English cookies – London – UK

undergroundLast week I started the article by saying that I will show you cool places and I will share also tips.

I started by showing you my favourite two trains stations, and why they are on my top list. I also showed you one of the most famous stations, but in reality, if you wish for a great Harry Potter experience, you should book a ticket to Warner Bros.

Then I showed many of the main attractions, and I told you that you should wait a couple more months before going to London, as some of them are in restoration.

Also if you are on a less than one week trip, you should avoid museums and be staying 2-3 hours in line for London Eye or Wax Musem. And if you want to see Egyptian relics, why not go to Egypt?

But the most impressive aspect of London was the people who live in it. They come from all over the world.

Here is China Town:



There isn’t much to say about this street. It is decorated, but the buildings are very much English like.

There are mostly just restaurants, that are overly priced -> I took a doughnut for 4 pounds that had a filling of tube-cream.

There is also a shop, full of snacks from China -> Pokemon Sodas, Chinese premium tea, Fortune cookies and🥠 many more.


But don’t worry, once you get out into the rural area, you will find more English surroundings.

Take this church for instance.


Or maybe this one, that actually looks like the old movies about the beginning of America.


And when you are not sure that your subject looks like from London, or not, just put in your picture a double-decker bus or a telephone booth, or even both.


In fact, these red booths can make into very interesting subjects.

Take this misty night, with a full moon and an empty street. You can hear the silence and image that Dumbledore is going to show up and make all light go out so that he can safely do his job. Or that there is a Giant who wants to steal children or that Peter Pan is coming on a window.


But if silence is depressing for you, why not try Picadilly Circus.


Here lots of people gather and go shopping on many of the streets. Just like in Paris and Milano, don’t worry if you are on the wrong street, lower prices are as close as taking a left or a right, into another boulevard.


Here is also a cinema, so I advice you to see a movie on one of the nights (since many stores close very early, you could give this place a try). After that, you can still enjoy a beer in one of the hundreds of pubs.



Another thing that I enjoyed and is the first time I do something like this, I visited a toy store (that has 7 floors just with this).

To tell you the truth, it wasn’t really my plan to visit the rural area of London two times, but I really wanted to buy a locomotive scale model. Every country I go, I buy a loco or a wagon. So in London, there are a few places that offer you such thing. I went on two, looking for a class 91 or 90. At the first place, the owner did not really want to search in his pile of merchandise, and the second store was closed.

So if you don’t want to venture too far away, go to Hamleys, at the last floor, and in the corner, you will find lots of locos and train sets, including great replicas from Thomas the Tank Engine.


Back in the city, I went a few more times to the Thames, hoping to get a good view of the Tower Bridge. I did so because all the days I stood in London, it rained heavily and most times I could not get a photo without having too many raindrops on the lens.

So, on the last occasion, I took the tube to London Bridge.

Here is Hay’s Galleria. (take my word, and take pictures here, at night)


The iconic Tower Bridge. It is beautiful, and I was so glad to see that it is not in rehabilitation as other main attractions.🍾


Now, another iconic place and rather interesting is the Bank.

Here are lots of tall buildings (many in construction).


This photo looks like I deliberately copy pasted Italy, Greece and Germany into one image. On top of that, I added double-decker buses and many watches.

In fact, there are so many watches, on almost all buildings. Here you actually see how time is money. 


Leadenhall Market, a historical place that looks like no other.


A Mini, parked just outside.


From the Bank, you can walk to St. Paul’s Cathedral. My advice on getting a great image is either from London Bridge or from One New Change market.


Isn’t Spring beautiful? (in the area of the Cathedral).


Wellington Arch. Every big city has to have at least one ☝️ ._MG_1410

Right about now you probably guessed that I am at Buckingham Palace, waiting to see the guards change.



In fact, this event happens every two hours, but the ceremony starts at 11 and is not every day. I was on Saturday, and yes that was the only day without. There is on Friday, Sunday etc.

So all I did was to keep my umbrella, change my lens to a telephoto and get a snap of the guards.


I would like to say a lot about this whole thing, but I am afraid I might upset a few. I let you judge:

Get to an underground station and watch the security guys. They don’t move for 20-30 minutes, and when they do move is just so they change their place for several meters, in rotation with the next guy. The Queen’s Guards move every few seconds, and they perform gymnastics. Is true that their position is different and more demanding than most type of security employees, but keep in mind the following: If every minute or so, the Queen’s guard moves, is it ok for you to stand in a chair for one hour or more?

On another note, beside trains and trains stations, urban architecture and romantic places, I also love gates.

I really don’t know why that is… next week you will see more of these golden entries, so tune in next Saturday.


As I was taking pictures and deciding on the composition, an old “friend” just passed by.

Is a Peugeot and it has written Galicia 🤔I let you take the conclusions.


London is huge. Every street, every corner has something to offer. And I don’t talk only about stores.


Speaking of which, here is the most beautiful bookshop in entire London -> Daunt Books.

I wanted to buy a Harry Potter book (even if I read them all in my native language), but I found a hardcover Lord of the Rings trilogy. So heavy, that on my return flight, I was carrying it in my hand so it doesn’t count as luggage… Didn’t quite work in the ending…

Well actually, in London, I and my girlfriend took in total, a luggage of books. Enough for a few months of constant Galician rain…


And you know what goes with books?

A good tea served in a tea room.


I suggest you order the Afternoon’s tea, that comes in with salty treats, buttery treats and cupcakes.

Now if you are on a budget then order 4 cupcakes and a cup of tea, and that should do it too. But, just like taking the gondola in Venezia, you have to do this one too. Morning coffee,☕️ then tea 🍵  and then a pint.🍺



The London is a great place to test your skills and feel alive.

Is a great place to see all religions and traditions, managing to live together. (even though there are no trash bins, only some tourists will use the pavement as a bin).

London is full of all kinds of attractions and there is a guaranteed place for you, human, alien or whatever.

Like I said last week, for me, this city is the capital of the World, as once Rome was. I hope the next one is not so far from the rest of the civilization. 

London is a cheap destination to fly to, but expensive to survive the day. Even so, I will return! I want to do 2 museums, visit Warner Bros, go to Cambridge, drink more good tea and wonder more into these magical streets.

One advice, if you can, bring a small tripod… shoes are not the best for this.



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