The Carnival – Galicia – ES

glassesOne of the greatest annual events that I saw and participated in Galicia, has to be the Carnival.  It takes place in February, in the second week and it lasts as long as one week. So go get a costume, and get out in the city like so, the whole week long.

Now I will showcase images from the 2017 carnival from Vigo (the city I am staying in at the moment).


The main event is in the weekend when a whole avenue is closed. Here chariots with different themes inspired by movies or children shows or even tradition, are on display for hours. From some of them, they throw candies or they sing. But in most cases people just dance and wave.






When the night falls, there a feeling everywhere you go, that the party is just about to start.



But the best carnival is in Ourense. Problem is, that the main event, in 2018, was on a Tuesday. So all I saw was the party on Saturday night.









So next time you are in Galicia in February, in the first two weeks, get to Ourense to the biggest Carnival, or just stay in your city. But don’t forget about your costume 🍾. Without it you will feel just like a tourist 👓

PS: on both locations, I have not really seen people in Star Wars costumes, most of them were in Nintendo characters, animals and fairytales. But in Ourense, the attention to details was off the peak.



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