Cristals, lamps & Hercules – A Coruna – ES


 If last weeks article did not convince you to book a plane to get to A Coruna, well the following should succeed.

Why? Because I haven’t even shown you half, and even me in one week I haven’t seen enough.

Captură de ecran din 2018.03.03 la 18.34.35

We are at [4] the place with the history. Some artifacts here have 4000+ years and they are called petroglyphs (check my article here). Others date the Roman period like this one:

The Hercules Tower, a Roman lighthouse, the oldest in the world, and in the best shape and still working!!!


This guy is enormous and not just that. 100% of the days I came here, it was so windy, boy… even my tripod fell a few times. I tried so hard to make it still (not to say not to vibrate or something) that one day it just flew ( I will make an article on my gear). Yes, you can enter, climb the stairs and have fun 😅 Monday is free! (great spot for time-lapse)


But you should get here and walk or run (like others do) and just stay a while, look at this enormous compass and wonder how it was back, when ships were made out of wood.  (can you see where is Santiago de Compostela?)


Menhires pola Paz.


Lots of birds to be seen in these areas so get your telephoto lens ready 🙂

Common starling.


Common nightingale.


Now don’t stay here too much there is still a lot to see. But definitely, if you have a cloudy day, come back before sunset and get your camera ready!


Ok, time to move on! Walk on the alley with the cute orange street lamps and watch out for a huge watch.


Or this…


Or just more of those cool looking white windows 😍


Also from up here (the pier), you can spot some caves, carved by the power of the ocean.


Domus Museum… (not so english friendly) 


Now you got yourself close to the beach and if there are waves, there is action [5].


If there is too much wind coming from the ocean… well that is the only action you gonna get: smashing waves.


If the wind comes from the beach (from behind you) then waves are forming, so surfers get here to play in numbers (the beach is quite big).



But if nothing is happening, then head back to the Aquarium Finisterrae.


The theme of this place is, of course, 20 000 leagues under the sea. (and it also looks like a submarine, with tons of fish swimming all around you!)


But for most kids, these are the ultimate stars. The staff even announces on the speakers when is time to feed the seals. ( I personally saw for the first time a happy aquarium with seahorses and clown-fishes and that made my day)




What did I tell you? A great place right?!

If you only think that for 40 euros you can actually find 4 stars hotels… These people want you to come and spread the word… like I do 😅

Now get out of the Aquarium, because you still have other things to see!

See this Millennium monument that sits just on the other side of the beach? Head towards it and soon you will see a road sign that points to Museo Nacional de Ciencia e Tecnoloxía. (if you are by car, just leave it at Carrefour parking) [7]


This museum has a plane inside it!!! Well, not a whole plane but… just go there and see for yourself!



There are lots of rooms with math, physics, sound, energy etc. I personally liked in this exposition gorgeous light bulbs (that weren’t turned on) that looked soo great even turned off.



There is also a time exposition, held inside these chains curtains. (chain, time, falling, get it?)


More lightbulbs 😍


That was a long weekend, now wasn’t it? Time to head back and do some shopping at Zara! For those who heard about it, I want you to know (if you didn’t already) that the company is from A Coruna (the whole Index company). And this is one of their many stores.😍 Can’t really miss it at dawn.


You think I’m done now…

Well, I told you last week that I have a secret location.

Search Crystal Beach A Coruna, and just go there (by car…)!



Hopefully, you liked these two articles, because it did make me a great pleasure writing them and writing about this great city. I saw many times A Coruna, and I will return to it some other times to shoot some more time-lapse and make a killer video.

Please let me know (About me page) if you came here after reading this article or if you just liked the place after viewing the images.

See you next week, with a mask!



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