The white city – A Coruna – ES

towe-of-hercules-lighthouse-la-coruna-spainDuring last year and the debut of this one, I saw places in Spain and Portugal that just took my breath away. So far the very best places are Sintra (PT) and Segovia (ES). Interesting, both cities, start with an S. 🧐 Anyway, this new city that I am featuring, is a heaven of unique spots to take photos, experiment food/clothing/technology and learn about pretty much everything from surf to Jet planes. This is, in my opinion, the best city in Galicia!

Captură de ecran din 2018.03.03 la 18.33.54.png

😍 The very first city I visited (outside Vigo) from Galicia/Spain. Also, this city was my very first destination when I took the train. And since then, I kept coming back and every time I would have seen something new or done something new. Quite spectacular, and all within easy reach. (not like in Paris where you need either to walk for hours or to even take the train. Anyway, I am not trying to compare them here, but just to give a sense of how big, yet small this touristic area of the city, really is).

Captură de ecran din 2018.03.03 la 18.34.35.png

Let’s say that I will tell you my top 9 places to see in A Coruna based on many days spent here, as a tourist.

Keep in mind that in order to see the following, more that one day is necessary (even if someone comes with the car, and not by train/bus.

Because there is almost nothing that I like more than traveling by train, well I can say that here, there is one of the most beautiful stations in Galicia. So if you come from Santiago, or Vigo or just from the airport, then prepare your phone/camera, you will be making some pictures here.


From here you have 2 choices… Either visit museums or just walk along the coast. In one case, you will climb the hill, on the other, you will descend to ocean level (even lower). You choose! 🤔

If it is 10 in the morning and is not Monday, can I make a suggestion? Well is to late to take photos of the sunrise (actually the sunset is beautiful here as you will see soon) so go see a museum.

There is one in the middle of the small [6] Santa Margarida Park. This museum is filled with subjects like Mathematics + Physics + Astronomy + History and is mostly for children.


Casa das Ciencias e Planetario (just for children).


I did not take photos in the interior since I got here just once, and it was pretty dark and not so interesting (from a photography perspective). The only cool thing (but I could not get even one good shot) is an enormous pendulum, hanging from the ceiling.

So here are some shots with “wildlife”.


Like any enthusiast in photography, I too try to frame nature in the most interesting situations.😊 For instance, in the Parque de Santa Margarida, most alleys are lower than the soil in which trees lay their roots.

As beautiful as it is, I rarely had the opportunity of shooting great macro photos using the advantage that the ground is higher than the walking path. No birds, except pigeons and seagulls, stay too close for me to get them into a shot.

Eurasian magpie.


Black redstart.


Anfiteatro al aire.



Once you finished walking in the park, get down to the streets and you will see  Pazo da Opera.

Now, this is the most beautiful place in the area, but not the most original. Meaning is hard to recognize A Coruna/Spain in this image, but, is a great place to take photos and of course, enjoy the Opera.


Okay, you must be hungry so head to the old town area [2].

Let’s pretend you come from the train station and if so, make your next stop this small park Plaza Jose Toubes Pego. You will not regret.


As you walk towards the central area, keep your eyes on your left. You will see plenty colorful buildings.


What I like the most about A Coruna and Santiago, is to catch the city, in dark, rainy clouds, this way the architecture feel more like home (if I can say that).

IES Plurilingüe Eusebio da Guarda


And fast enough you will reach the area with the fishing boats, and from colorful, or gray, all buildings get this white facade, divided by hundreds of small windows, divided into different patterns.

Here I tried a bid to play with gradient filters.


In my opinion, this is the image that speaks about A Coruna. This is the place I always come to. [2] La Marina.


Once you get inside the narrow streets, you are welcomed by colors, perfumes, food, leather, books, and dozens of other shops, all in Coruna style.


From here you can get to km zero, or Praza de Maria Pita (with the monument dedicated to her)


Palacio Municipal (and on the left entry, as you look at the image, is also a Museum). You when you can visit it, when there are huge lines that start from the main doors to the sides of the Palace.


Another classic shot of A Coruna is the one with red fishing boats, that are found in the exact same area as the white buildings. If you have a Polaroid, now would be a good time to use it.


On days with moderate circulation, you can wait a bit and get a shot with the red buses passing in front of the buildings. In fact, with almost no chroma painting, your images will look in tones of grey plus this red touch. If you find women in red dress passing by… then you are truly lucky.


Or just make a long exposure photo and call it a night!


Keep walking in the central area and get unique views of colors and white. And if you feel lost, just follow the crowd or just some people with cameras in their hands and you will find yourself in the central area again.

Just let yourself lost in the city.😊 Eventually, you will end up close to the ocean or the train station.


Next place you should check out (after you are done with the old town, is to go even back in time and visit the fortress: Castelo de Santo Anton [3].


Inside the fortress, there is a museum, and for the price, you get to see a few interesting things such as:

Wooden miniature ships.


Full-scale canons (and projectiles).


Old boats… I wonder how did this one float. 🙃


My favorite is this collection of sculptures in cachalot whale tooth.


Once you climbed on the top and took a look at the modern lighthouse (miniature), you will see from there a good part of A Coruna + a very straight line that is Digue de Abrigo.

Sincerely I did not find it to be interesting, except the enormous white twin towers that are at the start of the “Digue” (look at the image below and you will see what I mean).  Not much to see if you go all the way. In my case, the rain came so I had to hurry to the twin towers…


So get to Nemo bar, get a drink, and I will catch you next week when I show you surf, lights, crystals and 4000+ history.

And many more!




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