The Knight and the Bishop – Segovia – ES

churchHopefully, you read the previous article on top 5 things to do in Segovia because now I will be presenting my pick for the 3rd place. The Palace and the Cathedral, both from Segovia of course.

Why did I treat them apart from the main article? Well because I never stood so much in a Cathedral in all my life ( and I have been in so many) even in those in which I was listening to the ceremony/liturgy. Also, because you cannot visit one but not the other, I will put Alcazar here also.

Captură de ecran din 2018.02.13 la 13.06.31

We are still in Segovia, still next to the giant Aqueduct, that again puts the same question in my head: what modern construction can come close to this? Maybe a water dam? 🧐 I wish to see a modern water dam in the year 4000. (if possible 😅)


I want to show you the Cathedral, don’t get me wrong, but cannot stop showing parts of this small town, before we arrive there.


Rich details, at every corner. Is like a Venice, in the mountains, but with no lagoons.


Yet, merchandising for women and men well made.  I😍 love the Christmas model trains! All!


Talking about details. How many houses and palaces and churches are crowded within the town walls?!


Here is the majestic Tower, as seen from San Martin church.


Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion Cathedral. Maybe not so full of details on the outside of other places but there is so much to see and do here…



It is giant inside and also packed with details in full 360 degrees.


Yes, even the floors, tell the story of this place and its people. Actually, during a huge fire, the locals helped the most.


I have to say, the light in this Cathedral is divine and doesn’t take out of the mystical aura (like those who manage Santiago de Compostela).

So how do they do it? Well, they charge you money for entering. Unlike other Cathedrals in Galicia or even Castilla, here you do not fall asleep and you don’t feel so much the cold. In return, you spend more time to admire the galleries.


Here is a modern example of “yes we can also!” “not just the old times!”


Funny… how about those who are born almost dead?


Just like a tree in a forest, holding the sky, with me watching upwards.


Architecture, symbolism, and respect.


While some areas are clean and bear the stone as color, in other galleries, light is more important than ever. So much work, so much effort, and not just in sculptures but also in providing the decoration for them to sit on.


If you had enough, probably is time to take that private tour to the tower, and it’s 189 stairs. So bear that in mind when deciding to go up, you have to come down to. But don’t worry there are 3 stops along the way.


In one of them, you get to watch a short clip about the Cathedral and it’s construction and reconstruction of the main piece: the tower – wider and taller than anything at his time.

Also, you get to visit the house in which the master of the bells was living, together with his family.


And finally, you get to see the final level, where the bells are actually.


The weather was a bit bad, in fact, it was snowing.🌨😍 But no snow got on the streets…


I loved the view and the whole experience itself. Everything is well kept and you can get in every room and also you have decent time to take some photos.

There are two things I did not like about this tower experience and those are: the huge price and the lack of English during the tour.

I know a bit of Spanish since I stood in this country for a year now (but mostly I was talking in French or English) and I watched Columbian soap operas when I was a kid. But… if you know “zero” Spanish, then just read wiki while the tour is on. Also, inform that you do that, so you don’t look like not paying attention due to other reasons.


After visiting the other chambers that feature the clothing, the gold, the ceramics and other God-demanded-possessions-for-the-humble-priest you have two choices.

Either take this train to Cercedilla or just head towards the Alcazar de Segovia.


Now, I actually wanted to go to Cercedilla, but I did not have shoes for snow, or even for rain. So, I got back to the Palace to visit the chemistry labs. But, no such thing exists* so I bought instead a ticket to see the next big thing.

Yes you buy two separate tickets for tower and for the rest. Buy them…


Inside the walls.






Aside from the ordinary fabulous ceilings, red carpets, rich details, cold atmosphere, sumptuous rooms, there is also a collection room. A room that speaks about the mathematics that went into building this giant construction. (that is sitting on a peninsula of rocks, bordered by rivers on each side and a bridge in the entrace)


*here is the chemistry lab, artifacts.


With this, I conclude Segovia.

Might be cheap to stay, but a bit expensive to visit, but you should get here ASAP. You can actually to Segovia and after that Sintra, however, you want!

This place is gorgeous, beautiful, rich in history and number of churches. Rich also in landscape and hiking routes.

So pack your bag and enjoy a minimum 2 days here, in Segovia.




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