Top 5 things to do in Segovia – ES

segovia-aqueduct-spainAfter visiting Sintra, in Portugal, I was thinking that there is no other place like it on this side of Europe. Small town, romantic, intimate, not so crowded (like Venice), fun and the list can go on.

Little I knew back then that I will soon find another location that I will love just as much for its rich history and colossal beauty. That is Segovia.

Captură de ecran din 2018.02.13 la 13.06.31

If you read last weeks article, then you know I started my trip from Valladolid, took the train early in the morning, and in just 30 minutes I reached Segovia (while going with 250+ km/h).


Now the problem is that you will not get in Segovia, but rather at 20 minutes on bus from the city center.  Don’t get a taxi, just get out of the train station, and there are one or two busses waiting. One gets you in the center and the other one, pretty close.

I also recommend booking a room in one of the many Hostals that are in the central area. I stood at Don Jaime, it was perfect, cheap and at only 3 minutes of walk from the main attraction. So even if you plan to see Madrid, Valladolid or other tourist attractions, you should stay here (for the price).

The No. 1 thing to do in Segovia is to see the Aqueduct. It is one of the best preserved Roman aqueducts and it is not just this portion in the towns central area.


If you follow the stairs to the left (of the image above) you will be led to the place that marks the beginning. Also in the area is a stone house in which, back in the day, they would control the debt of fresh water that flows in the city, and the extra they would diverge it to the river through a floodgate.  Also here they would treat and purify the water.

Once you get here you will find an information panel with all the information.


My No. 2 best thing to do in Segovia, besides walking next to this huge construction, is to get to all the sweet spots where you can see “all” Segovia.

Since you already got to the beginning of the Aqueduct, carry on towards the Plaza de Torros (maybe you are lucky and is opened) and from there you will see a park where you get this view over the Arena + the Cathedral.


Now I hoped for a sunset in the area, but fear of rainy days made hurry up back into town and see some other cool things. So, if you want to get by car (or bus/on foot) to a place that is relatively close and gives you an overview of Segovia, note down Calle Carretera Valdevilla, the park.

If you want to hike, you can follow the wall that starts from the Cathedral and goes around the Castle and then back.

First, find a way to descend and after that just follow the path around.


In some gardens there are also rabbits, so walk with care and try to make little to no noise, and you will actually see them.


Most of the hike is next to water and trees, so also be on guard for you can spot colorful birds. (that is if you don’t scare them before you can actually see them like I did 🤫)

Captură de ecran din 2018.02.13 la 13.57.50.png

On the map (image above) I marked the trail I took. Starting from the bottom of the image, like I said, next to the Cathedral, and along the river. I marked with an X the view that I don’t recommend to visit. Is not much of a detour, but not so beautiful either.

Here is a view of the Castle in the distance, from the wooden bridge.



In fact, the only bird I saw was this round one, that kept entering the river and getting out after a few seconds.


Here is a view of the Cathedrals high tower.


These are the two routes you should do no matter if its raining or not.

My No. 3 thing to do in Segovia, is to visit the Cathedral and get a birdseye view from the top of the tower. You need to buy a separate ticket just for that or buy them, both and it will save you some money. (check out next week article on this for more information)


Also, visit the Castle that has wonderful ceilings, lots of cavalry armors, dim lights and lots of tourists.  Also, expensive ticket (just like at the Cathedral) but is worth for once in a lifetime.


Now I saved the best for the last because these are my personal choices, the things I would do, and redo many times.

So my No. 4 thing to do in Segovia is to take a nice hot tea from Tradicionarius. Is on the main avenue. As you stand before the Aqueduct, most people go to the right side, toward the Palaces and the Cathedral. Take the left side, where most Pubs and Restaurants are. You will find it after a good 2-3 minute walk, on your left.


They are not paying me to say this, and I doubt they even know of my existence, but the tea here is so good. Also here come most of the tourists so you can engage in discussions. But this small tea shop was my favorite spot in the mornings and in the night because it is a clean place, wood furniture, not those metal seats you find in 90% of places in Spain and above all is good smelling (most Spanish restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, have a particular smell that I do not really like). So get there, drink their signature tea (no sugar) and prepare to be blown away by it.

On No. 5 is actually my personal best thing I ever did here in Segovia. Is where I shot this photo:_MG_7495

Now, there are many ways to get here, but my favorite is from Parque de la Piedad.


Yep, is beautiful view and also a beautiful beginning of a long hike (not so long actually).

Captură de ecran din 2018.02.13 la 16.40.25.png

If you ever find that there is a dirt bike contest, well now you know how to get there [1].


From this trail, you can also get a good look at the main attractions (but the aqueduct).


Also further down the path, I made the following timelapse [2]:

After staying a while and enjoying the view, I recommend you to continue and descend.


At the base of the hill, there is Arco de la Fuencisla [3]


In the area there is also a park and a church, in fact, you will find churches all over you some more beautiful than others.



From here you go toward the city and either go up the stairs at point [5] or continue to [4]. Here you will get the views from the books and postcards:


What a view, am I right? 🍾 If you ask me, it looks more Austrian than Spanish…

Now, like I said before, I would go back to the old city, via the stairs [5] and get myself back into that tea shop.


So let’s say my top 5 again:

  1. Get around the city and follow the Aqueduct;
  2. Walk outside of the city walls;
  3. Visit the Cathedrals tower (guided tour) and the Castle;
  4. Hike around Segovia and get great photos on 3 special locations;
  5. Drink a hot/ice tea and don’t try to pay for it with the special edition “zero” euro note.

Hope you liked this article and tune in next week for more!



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