Outside the churches of Santiago de Compostela. Part 2 – ES

ecology.pngLet’s continue where we left off last week, just outside the main Cathedral. And just like you will see when you come here, there are more things to do and see in Santiago. For instance, you can sit at km zero and hear beautiful Celtic music that comes out of a bagpipe instrument while eating oranges.



Here is the huge Palace of Raxoi. (The one seen also in the last weeks timelapse)




View of the Cathedral from the fountain.


In Santiago, I found the most beautiful shops. Some with antique items, articles of clothing, souvenirs and cakes.🍰😍


I was once here at night, during a celebration – Apostolo – and found myself like in another place. From the dull stony street, now there were lights. From people that were quiet now everybody was chatting and laughing.

Of course, there was this important celebration, that promised a huge firework show.


And like in all major events, there are also distractions for all ages.


Most times there are the same distractions, no matter if we are in Vigo, A Coruna or here. But this time, there was a Ferris wheel. And a huge one too.


If you look at the image below, it doesn’t look like everyday Santiago, now does it. And is true, most times I was here it was more or less empty (apart from summer when is too full)



One day I wish I have money to pay these artists more than just a few coins… The first one that really impressed me was in Madrid (check the article here).

That artist was using graffiti spray to make representations of celestial objects. Then in Milano, there was a violin player, that gathered an even bigger crowd. (check the article here). 

And just like most times, a few people pay a few cents or even one euro. The majority is sitting and leaving. Ghosts that just make a picture for their Instagram and move on to by the next ultra-cheap manufactured shoe or clothing.

Same thing I can say about him…


But lets enjoy a bit the night sky!


And the Disney balloons.


Now if you are planning to come to Santiago de Compostela, and you are not on 27th of July,  then don’t even bother to seek the fireworks in the night sky.

In fact, you should just visit this beautiful park: Alameda.

Last week when I said in the title that there is more than just pilgrims and religious artifacts, I was referring to this park.


I did so many pictures here (some I have lost) and every time I went to Santiago, I would spend 1 hour here. Its beauty can be seen also in the nighttime when, at some place, they lid the lightbulbs that connect trees.



You know you are at the right place when you see on top of the hill the Santa Susana Chapel.


From here you should head down to the white trees. There are many cute pigeon houses.





I think this side of Santiago is by far the most romantic one.

And for someone who loves to make photography, where he has lots of “material” to work with. In fact, you can also spot brides and grooms accompanied by photographers in search of an idyllic spot.


This was the first time I would see a classic diesel locomotive, the same type that the Americans have. The loco is always there and if you are lucky, you can buy it in the stores. (more chances you have in Valladolid, see it in 3 weeks article)


After reading this second article, probably you thought that there is no religious connotation to all my story. And is true. In fact, Santiago was my first destination with the train (one year ago).

I saw many with cameras and vlogging while they were walking. I also watched on Youtube a guy that did the St. James road starting from France.

I also wish to find the time and walk from Vigo to Santiago and see how that adventure will turn out. But for now, all I can say is that I took the train here in the morning, I enjoyed the walks, the parks, the medievalist old town, the narrow streets and the hike.

So now after showing you Santiago, you know you should also come here. In fact, I have a proposition: go to Baiona, then come here and then…

Just come back next week on Sunday and see for yourself.


Side note: Santiago needs 2-3 days minimum to be fully tasted (and that is just if you want to do the main attractions)



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