The pilgrims and the Cathedral, Santiago de Compostela – ES

scallopAll routes go here. This is one of the meanings of the Shell, the symbol of Santiago.

Is also the place where most tourists go when they come in these parts, so I will not do any pros and cons this time. I myself came here about 4 times (in 1 year time)

So here is a short timelapse done using a garbage bin as a steady place to put my camera. 😅

Santiago is a beautiful city, especially the old town. The main attraction is the Cathedral but read through the article and you will find other places too.

Captură de ecran din 2018.02.03 la 11.18.37.png

It has an airport, a beautiful train station (that last time I was there was in deconstruction) and it has also routes for cars, motorcycle, bike and of course pilgrim routes.

So how do I prefer to get to the city?

By train of course 😍

As you can see if you wake up early enough there aren’t to many passengers.


From Vigo to Santiago there is a one hour trip by train and for me, all was just in time to see the sunrise and get this image.


Like I said, in winter of 2017-2018 it looked like they are tearing apart the train station… 😧


From here I headed towards a special place, from where you can admire all Santiago, for free. Is just that you have to climb a bit.


Exactly, climb all the way up there, in the park on the Monte Gaias.


And this is Santiago de Compostela with the view over the Cathedral and close to us is the Seminario Menor da Asuncion. Also, a beautiful train was passing by (after waiting for one for 20 minutes or so…) but sadly no airplane in the sky. (wanted to get all means of transportation, converging in this one image… just like the symbol)


What is the main attraction in this area, up on the hill? Well, the Cultural Center of Galicia is here and is a huge place, that looks very modern (from the outside) and I have no idea how it on the inside. If I will get here, I will surely make an article on that.


Usually, the best way to get to the Cathedral is starting from the Train Station, so… time to head back to it and make more pictures on the way.

Here is Ponte de Sar in the morning sun. Actually very difficult photo to pull out, without taking multiple exposures. The water level was low so the grass could be seen.


In the same “neighborhood” you can also find Colexiata de Sar. A stone made church, with beautiful arches, a museum and no toilet for civilians. Because Gods house is just for his staff, not the rest…


So even though the breakfast was taken on top of a mountain, here it was the morning coffee. Parque de Belvis, with its beautiful labyrinth gardens.


The old town is not so green. In fact is very medieval looking, with tons of churches and stone buildings. The streets are narrow and hide either hundreds of stores or another church.


Here, beauty is in full 3D. The streets, the roads, the statues, the old buildings, the rooftops. There are so many angles to take photos of, is just the Heaven for those who like to admire and like details. There are symbols hidden, a shell here, a dragon there.


Even some stores are more than just tourists toy shops.


A green garden inside a stone area.


By now, is 1PM, and more and more people are on the narrow streets. Because most of these photos are done in late autumn and mid-winter, there were almost no pilgrims. So making pictures at any point is easy, since you will not stop the circulation.

Oh and right there on the left is my sister 😅


The stairs to Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.


By now I suppose you feel something is weird. There are no clouds in the sky and to be even more specific, no rain.

Most times I was here, 4 times in total, 3 times it rained! And when you enter the souvenirs shops you will find t-shirts that say that Galicia loves Rain, or that Santiago = rain. And is true. Most times when in some place is cloudy, here it rains.  When I got here with my sister, on Christmas, I told her she is lucky to have such good weather.


Here are some pictures from my Behance profile. (yep those photos that I lost)


You can see that when is raining, streets are even more empty and sad…


Let’s get back to the main attraction and enter the Cathedral.


This small-scale reproduction of the old times was put here on display during the Christmas period.


All year 2017 this place was in repairs//. But you can still go behind the altar and see all the Cathedral (apart from some areas).


Lightning in the Cathedral is very poor so bring with you a tripod. Using flash is not allowed so first time I was here I brought my nifty fifty (50mm f/1,8) but no good. You still need large shots, and you need lots of light in the image.

Here is St. James itself, at 1 to 1 scale actually.


St. James, but this time from the back, and up-close.




A very medieval looking like corner of the Cathedral. Here the light was even more tricky.


More about Santiago and also my favorite place in the city, on next weeks article.

See you soon,



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