The lighthouse in Baiona Part 3.

home-2Back to Baiona, but this time we go a bit outside the stores and the coffee shops and we follow the pink track, the road for pedestrians and pilgrims. I do not remember ever walking the whole length of it, but I went many, many times on a bike (there is also a bike track).

Captură de ecran din 2018.01.21 la 15.24.24.png

Once, I saw dolphins, but I didn’t have the camera on me so … since then, every weekend I would descend the hill, go outside Baiona, and pedal right next to the waves. Armed with the awful Tamron 70 – 300mm and my heavy camera + water and some snack, hoping that I will see the dolphins again. Maybe next summer if I am still here…

So yeah, if you come to Baiona for several days, please follow the many other locals and walk 1 hour or such to the lighthouse because it is worth it.😍

Sometimes when is stormy outside, you may find people walking and admiring the waves and taking pictures. Or even more fun, people on surfboards, training for Nazare (Portugal). Like I said, the pedestrian road (running track) is very very close. But don’t worry, no wave will wash you! None that I saw.



Seeing this show, and hearing it, I kept dreaming at Nazare in Portugal with its 20-30m high waves. So far, seen none of them.😩 Check the link.


Ok, but most of you will not go to Baiona to see some waves, but this lighthouse should be on your agenda. I have also daytime photos of it, but I will post them on my bike adventures article. (sometime this year)


On the way there or as you return, some days, clouds will give you a majestic show. Here you can see the fortress from last weeks article.


They will not just paint the sky, but allow objects to float in a sea of colors, making things more interesting, smaller, or bigger (depends 🙃). Like this boat for instance…


Following the road, on the bike, foot or even car, you will find lots of spots dedicated for you to sit down enjoy a better scenery than your favorite pub, drink a beer or just watch fishermen searching for crabs.


Next, to the lighthouse, you will see old vestiges of more troubled times.


All now repainted and repurposed. 😅


So here we are, on top of the hill, waiting for the sun to go down.



I should make a resume on what is Baiona and if you should visit it.

Well, if you don’t mind rain in the summer (for days) that could ruin your stay, then you should note that this region is full of tourists so book in fast. And also get yourself in an apartment next to the beach, this way you don’t have to climb up every time when you go home.

But if you do book in one of the houses in the residential area, at night is much more beautiful with many stars to take photos of, plus the view over Nigran.

You have also a good hamburger shop in the area, but for the rest, you have to climb down, to sea level…

There are swimming pools also and while you swim since you are on top of the hill, the view is more dramatic and breathtaking, especially at sunset.

For those who come to Baiona for other reasons but just to stay at the beaches, I dedicate this article and also check out the stone age artifacts that are here in Baiona. Link here.





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