The caterpillar reunion 🐛 Baiona-ES part 2

home-2Last week’s article featured the wonderful Mother Nature and the wonderful people of Baiona and now I will start with another wonder…

The seagulls.😧

In Baiona, as it is in all coastal towns, seagulls are the unwanted pets. There are more in the towns than in the wild. I think that even the fish they eat comes from the fishing nets and not from a dive into the water… like it supposed to.

In fact, they are so accustomed to humans that they get very close to them. So close that they will take your chips off the table, your ice cream, pizza, or whatever you have. And will fly only in the last second.


After the pools are cleaned by the caretaker, guess who dives first to wash? Yep, you guessed it: the seagulls.

So do not go to the beach thinking that you will stay peaceful and in quietness. These birds know their job and they are always hungry.


Baiona is not a big town, the most year being quiet and dormant. But as the summer comes along, everything flips. From empty streets, now there are roadblocks everywhere, and also roads are being closed due to works on the infrastructure.

Do you need a parking place? How about climb the hill and maybe you are lucky.


The best time to be here is when Baiona is like a ghost town. No cars, no waiting at the laundry wash, no road works, and of course all people open the stores for a reduced time only. So, once everything is closed, is quiet. Even rabbits are more easy to be spotted…


But not just rabbits can be seen, the most easy to spot are the horses.

Here is one, breathing in the cold air of the morning, while watching me to see my next move.


Sometimes is so quiet, that you can hear your dreams…



But not everywhere is like this…

Big waves constantly smash the coast, and seagulls scream at each other. This wonderful contrast can be seen if you go to Castle Monterreal and walk on the alleys or on the fortification walls.



The best thing to do in Baiona, on a hot summer day, is to buy a big box of ice cream, (the one I like is from a store that has a cow made out of wood, standing in the front of the door).

Now having something sweet and refreshing, plus the camera ❤️



Once, when I was here with my sister in December, we saw hundreds of caterpillars, marching all in a near perfect line, with none trying to take over the lead.


All this was on the fortification walls and I am not exaggerating with the hundreds, and nor with all in one single line.

Actually, on some portions of the wall, I saw many caterpillars climbed one on top of each other…


And boy oh boy there were birds in the sky…

Please tune in next week for crazy waves and orange sunsets, on the last article with Baiona.


Male of subspecies Phoenicurus ochruros gibraltariensis (it took me some time to get close enough to make the picture)


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