Baiona – The small Galician​ town, of “wonders” Part 1.

home-2In the winter of 2017 I “celebrated” 🍾 1 year of Spain -> I have stayed 1 year outside my home country and since then (besides work at the factory) I have traveled in this country and discovered a different kind of society. This time, I will not be writing about a new town, nor a new trip, but instead, I will feature the place that I visited once, then stayed in for a few months and kept coming back ever since.

Baiona, the small town of wonders.

Captură de ecran din 2018.01.21 la 11.29.43.png

Baiona has no airport and no train.

The only ways to get here are by boat, car, bus (ATSA), bike and on foot of course.

So I can say now that the first time I ever took a bus in Spain, was to go to Baiona from Vigo. An entire hour trip, that by car would take just under 30 min. And all is because of Vigo.😩

So by now, you know that I stayed in Baiona, visited and already wrote 2 articles in connection with this town: Petroglyphs and Fire. This time around I will feature all images made (and not featured) in three parts.

Since is all about the photos and their stories, I have to start this article with my firsts pictures taken in Baiona in 2016.


I did them while I was waiting for my colleagues to come back and get me to Vigo. In fact, one of the reasons I kept coming to Baiona was because of one of my colleagues. She was staying there at the time, and not so soon it would become my friend and within a few months, a very good friend. We would travel almost everywhere together discovering step by step Galicia and then Spain and later other countries too. In more than half a year we also became a couple and since then more and more we achieved together, including this website.


Now back to Baiona.

First I want to say that the small town is mostly upon a high hill, so if you live near the coast than finding a parking place will be hard (in the summer) but if you live in the residence area, and you have no car, then there is a lot to climb, and more parking places 😍. Many times when I was riding my bike, I had to always remember to save up some energy to get back home, up on the hill.

But trust me the view from the top is Heavenly!

There I made a few time-lapses, some that you can watch here:

As you probably took notice, the climate here can change pretty fast. Almost every morning there is fog in the area, that clears pretty fast.




Now for people who live near the coast, to see clouds forming as fast as smoking a cigarette or drinking a coffee, is no new thing. But for someone who comes from a city that is far away from the sea, and thousands of kilometers away from the ocean, this natural event is wonderful and fascinating.🧐

But if this did not amaze me too much, then the following did actually make me wonder even more:

You see, in Romania, my home country, if you go wonder in the woods, you might find other people hiking just like yourself, but you might also find wildlife, some scarier than others. Occasionally there are also off-road vehicles belonging to the county or just for tourists entertainment.

But here in Baiona, I also found people cleaning the paths not from garbage (actually forests are very clean) but from plants and fallen trees. I know a few places on the other side of Europe that need lots of time to be cleaned from snow… I talk about places inside the city, where cars or pedestrians walk…

But here I found a team of two doing a great job 👏


So if you want to go hiking, the paths are marked and cleared so please visit the Petroglyphs site here in Baiona (highlighted here) and also the lake (not as interesting but is close so why not?).



And if you find no wildlife to take photos of, as it was in my case, there are many orange and lemon trees plantations + bananas and kiwis.

Often, during the weekend’s, when there is no rain, you can see many people taking care of their gardens. (like this old man, setting fire to dead branches).


And most people have here at least an orange tree and a palm tree. Some prefer the lemons or the mandarins.So look on the trees and in the gardens to spot some seasonal fruits. (please go back to this article for more picture)






To be continued next week.





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