Praia das Catedrais – the beach of cathedrals – ES

halong-bay-vietnam.pngThis time around, instead of choosing a city to present it here, I chose a beach. One that if I ever go back, it will be at low tide, sundown. But is hard to control that one, since is not so close to home. So just like Nazare (check here), in Portugal, this trip was not on good timing.

If there is someone to blame, that would be myself, because I did not have the idea to check on the internet the hours of high tide, and low tide. But in my self-defense, I can add that I was a bit eager to get home and have a long sleep. So the morning at Oviedo was a rather short one and I was back on road.

Captură de ecran din 2017.12.03 la 18.44.17.png

When I got to Lisbon, the main attraction should have been the capital of Portugal, but it was Sintra the place I loved and returned. Nazare was the first thing that I wanted to see and it is to date (December 2017) the place I want to return. I keep looking on this website to get the big waves (on a weekend).

For the Cathedrals Beach, I did not watch the website again. So when I arrived it was low tide, but the water was something over 2m higher than a reference level.



The whole area is with wood fences to prevent people jumping in the water and also getting too close to the age. As seen in the picture below, some parts are already a bit moved out, but from the grass level, you cannot see it.


It was a windy day too, but that did not scare a few tourists to take out their DJI drones. Oh btw, down there should be a beach.


It is called the Beach of Cathedral because, once the tide is very low, and you can actually walk on sand, down below, the huge columns resembles with the ones of a cathedral. Some have even arches.



If only the water was farther from the edged of the coast…


No sunset, no low tide, yes a rerun of this place next year (if possible).

Be careful, on a full season, you have to reserve to be able to get here. Do not come without. I chose October, and then you can come without.

See you next week,



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