Oviedo – the Capital of Asturias

sidraMost of the charm of this city, in my opinion, comes from the beauty of its surroundings plus the many medieval architecture style houses. I chose Oviedo and not Gijon since I wanted a break from visiting so many near water cities. Also, it is the capital of the region, so it has to offer a lot. And it does.

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Oviedo is today the capital of Asturias and in 730 BC when so much was going on in other parts of the region, here there was just nature, animals and a hill. It is said that two monks founded the city in 761 (this 700 was very busy in these parts) and since then it kept growing, also because the kings moved here.


The city was built to resemble with Toledo, but just like Wikipedia says, it does look like Santiago de Compostela (future article in 4 weeks) and in my opinion, Braga from Portugal.


My visiting of this city started from the hotel and I wanted to visit the weapons factory but that did not happen. So next I wanted to see a street that features iconic buildings in this region.

First, I saw the park Jardin Calendario, with its beautify pond that hosts many ducks, next to a statue of Mafalda.


Ducks at Estanque de los Patos.



Outside of the park, there is this Santa Cruz street and on one of the ends, are these twin buildings that look so beautiful. I could not find anything on the internet about them so I suppose only admiring will do.




To find the park is not so hard, is actually in the center of the city. And on every street, there is a small cafeteria and this kind of view.


Oviedo, is packed with medieval architecture and very realistic statues. Take this example: Las vendedoras del Fontan.

Right in front of this statue, perhaps the first thing you will see is a large restaurant, yellow with light blue windows. It serves fish dishes but also coffee.



If you fancy for some fast food, these guys will fix you.



Just like Santiago, Braga, and Venice, this town has narrow streets, flanked by stone and colorful walls, with windows in a lighter color.


This is the center, center of Oviedo. Here we can see the San Isidoro El Real Church.



Town Hall.


This striking looking building (huge also) is a commercial center (Modoo), that to be honest, it was a bit empty. I did find a store that was selling highly detailed Star Wars figurines suitable for chess. I did not buy, thinking that I will find in other places. Since then (October) and today (December) I did not find again those figurines.




The most known place in Oviedo is this one: The Cathedral of Oviedo and the statue Escultura de la Regenta.


By chance, there was a wedding at the cathedral.





Oviedo, unlike other cities, visited on this route was full of teenagers, and because they were mostly dressed in rock music bands merchandise, I guess there was a rock music festival. But I was too tired even to look up for it.

Plaza de America.


Fuente de Foncalada, built in the 9th century, is it the “the only surviving civil architectural item for public use of the Early Middle Ages” (wiki)


Food is great in Oviedo, it has right dosage of salt and condiments. Since you are here visiting, you should also forget wine and beer, but instead, enjoy Sidra.


Fragment of the wall.


Due to fatigue, I did not have the energy to do museums, nor to visit other places. Oviedo is a big city to walk it on foot and see all the great places. So at one point, I descended in what I was thinking would be the light rail (metro). Instead, it was a train station that leads to Gijon, and other towns and cities in the vicinity.

So walked again and again from one side to another.

There is another great place that I wanted to visit before I go back to Vigo.

More on that, next week.


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