Ribeseya/Ribadesella – the city with prehistoric wall paintings – ES

rock-artMany children come here to train as oarsmen on the river Sella (same as the one in Cangas de Onis) and there is also an annual event. For most people, I think this is the main attraction of the place. For others is the birthplace of the actual Queen of Spain – Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano so those who love her, come here. But in my opinion, the only reason you should book a plane and travel from the other side of the globe is for one of the most important Prehistoric Cave Painting site in the world – Tito Bustillo (as they say).

Captură de ecran din 2017.12.03 la 13.24.10.png

Yes, I have come only to see the prehistoric paintings and touch (with my eyes) the real thing. Now that I saw in Baiona the prehistoric carvings (see here) it was about time to see a much older place that is featured in all history books from schools. (at least in Romania)

To get here from Cangas is not a hard thing for the road is wide, the landscape is still breathtaking and from time to time, on the riverside, there can be seen people in their canoes or rafting boats.

Once you arrive in this small town, go find a parking place soon because is better than risking the central area filled with cars with boats, lots of big buses, tourist that walk everywhere and traffic jams as a result.

But for what concerns me, I enjoyed walking on the train tracks (rusted because of no traffic) and take images of lizards. When I was a kid (some 12 to 15 I guess) I would do the same thing in my countryside together with my little sister, my neighbor kid and our dogs. Ah, also a small plastic dark grey Fujifilm point and shoot camera. I might look up for those photos one day and put them here since I already pay WordPress for the storage.

So yeah, you cannot imagine how I felt, doing this here in Spain.🇪🇸 Almost felt like I was home.


Is just that I remember lizards to be brown and not green (home). I say that because I have made here many pictures of lizards since the rail tracks + sunny day + quietness = lizards get in the open.


Rio Sella and this view. About now I woke up from my homesickness.


Cormorant bird.


There are many buildings that share these motifs in this region, but this one is as old as the Basilica de Cuadonga. Interesting no?


On the shallow waters near the pedestrian bridge, there is this cemetery of wooden boats. quite impressive I might say. Due to the powerful sun, I had a quite rough time capturing them underwater. If I only had mist… But from the whole place, this image is the best so far.



The Church Santa Maria Magdalena, with a Jesus statue just like the one in Rio, but way smaller.


Street architecture and busy restaurants. Yep, everything was full, or by reservation.


So I got in a Chocolate shop, got myself some chocolate in the shape of 🍒📷 + biscuits with chocolate and some awful white chocolate that had to be like Raffaello.


We have a place in Romania where I saw something like this: Sighisoara. And they have more flowers, real ones, not these petunias. Anyway, I loved this combination of Blue with White marble (or regular stone).


By now you are wondering where are the prehistoric paintings???

Well, after parking the car, running to get there early, reaching the cave entrance (image below), they said to me to go the museum and buy the tickets.

Got out, walked 300m and found the museum. Waited in line and surprise surprise. For this week all reservations are made (15people/h). I should come back later in 2 weeks. I told them that is a bit impossible but I will come in winter. They said impossible since the museum is opened only from March to October (I was on 14 OCT) so yeah…

Got angry because nobody told me is not so easy as getting a ticket (not at the hotel, and not at the Cave). At this point, I told them to learn from the Portugal people. Also, the stupid Wikipedia said that this place is open year round, which obviously not true. Also, you cannot enter without reservation, so forget getting to buy a ticket. But I know very well what happens when you hire children to do grown-up work… even for a guardian.


So, I tried to phone to other caves that are in the area (60km radius) all full, or already closed for the autumn/winter/spring.

So, some things should be planned, others should be surprising. Truth be told, I never hoped to see this place, never knew existed. But for me is as important as going to Egipt or China.

Well, I guess I leave this one for the next time too.

So after visiting the city a bit, finding out that I have to eat biscuits with chocolate again since all restaurants are full, it was time to hit the road.

See you in next article.



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