Ourense – ES – The city of bridges

bridge.pngMany cities in Galicia have some specific things that make them special. For instance, Vigo, the city I which I currently live in, is also the city with the most jobs (it has the factory Peugeot-Citroen). Santiago de Compostela is the city of pilgrims, A Coruna is the best city in Galicia, Monforte de Lemos is the city of trains and not much else, Tui is the city at the frontier, A Guarda is the city of old encampments and I would continue… But lets stick to Ourense for now.

Captură de ecran din 2017.10.03 la 21.14.49

At Ourense the most interesting things I saw were the bridges like I said. There is one that looks just like a vertebral spine. It is more cool if you walk on the bridge or under, then when you look at it from aside. To be honest I did not see it from up, above.

Ponte do Milenio.


Then if you walk aside Rio Barbana there are many small ones that lack the tasteful graffiti that is in Vigo. By the way I still need to finish my graffiti article. There are many, many masterpieces in Vigo.


Of course there is also a roman bridge with a simple name: Ponte Romana.


Then there is a very beautiful bridge for the trains (😍) Here is the RENFE Hotel train. (twice more expensive than a regular high speed, and also much slower then the same one…)


Then another one just in front of it, but for cars.


If they had also the red bridge from Lisboa (Lisbon – Portugal – Ponte 25 de Abril), then it had everything.

I was at Ourense when the Aspen trees were deploying their fruits on parachutes and the sky was looking much like on winter, when snowing (but without the clouds). Now I am allergic to pollen so I got pretty bad fast, but after a while I managed to steady my sneeze and catch some photos:




Some cars were full of those fruit capsules.


Speaking about cars. Here is a statue of Estanislao Revert Sequeiros on his invention: Alpinche (an old Alpine Renault body combined with a Porche Engine). In fact I also worked briefly on the new Alpine…

This guy is also the father of motorsports in Galicia and so, it deserves its spot here in an all season visited city. Sadly though, because of my lack of skills in Spanish language, I never saw or heard about such races to take place in Galicia (since November 2016 to this date). Only dirt bike races in Pontevedra and Baiona. The most races are with mountain bikes. 


But I did saw a race car 😧


And an old locomotive.


But who comes here for bridges or other old stuff here?  Ourense is the Capital of thermal waters. 😳🏊

And there are many places (free actually) where normal people like you and me can swim or just enjoy the warmth of the water + some products from supermarket (and not the overly priced soda drinks).

Las Burgas



Now, Ourense has also churches and the one I visited was the Cathedral San Martin S (XII-XIII). It is beautiful, like most of them, but the way everything matches around, made me feel like I need to take some pictures.









Churches are great looking in Spain, but more great they are when they are full of light and people. Just like at Obidos (Portugal) or Fatima…

Now, speaking of buildings. The most interesting building I saw in Ourense is the Radio Ourense Seiz.


I have never seen something like this, but it looks even better in reality.


The rest of the streets look much like the ones in Santiago, or A Coruna.



From time to time you see another very interesting building that makes you think, if it was built for an American tv show.


Here is an wooden roof, that would be better placed at the dentist.



I don’t know why someone would choose this model, but I’ve seen much worse, actually in Romania, Bucharest, close to where I live in.


Apart from taking pictures of interesting things, trains and macro shots (with a cheap zoom lens), I absolutely love to see and photograph old buildings. The ones that have moments until they will fall down. In fact I am sure that this photo (down) will be used one day to show this building, since it will no longer exist.


Pazo Provincial. Big and … big.



Now flowers, of course. This is the Crimson Bottlebrush.


White rose.


Ourense, supposed to be just another check before my big trip in Portugal. This article should have been posted months ago, but back then I did not have this option, also I did not know that my external Hard Drive would crash on me and loose years of photos and trips. I think this was the last big trip that I could save almost entirely from the SD cards.

It is silly to imagine that a long time ago we had vinyls and they still do what they supposed to. Then we had the magnetic rolls that some still do work, then cassettes than also work. Then CD had problems in time and now HardDrive is even worse. Time has not yet proven anything on the matured Solid State Drive, but I have 0 pictures on my Mac. So I do not trust it, and most people don’t either.

This article was written in more than one night, around the first week of October. Then I was coming back from Ponfereada and passed thru Ourense once again. This got me determined to write.

Ourense is interesting, but I would not take a plane to come here specially. But if I were in Galicia, after Santiago and A Guarda, I would see this one too.

So if you find yourself in the area, bring your swimming suit.





  1. I leave my pictures on the card and do not delete them, just file them after they are full. Also in the cloud, and on my Mac hard drive. Sort of a triple redundancy to defeat some common ways of losing my hard work.
    Everybody has their own methods.


    1. Cloud is a bit expensive and those that are cheap or free they don’t have awesome reviews. So I still keep my data on HDD, maybe I will get also and External SSD for my JPG-s and for everything that I will want to show to the world, I post them here.


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