Lake Como – IT

lake-and-mountainsIt is said that there is no visit to Milano, without going also to Como. It is the Italian Innsbruck but without the OBB and the good Austrian people. It is the perfect destination to get out of the busy city life and enjoy a “quiet” weekend (with hundreds of tourists of course).

Captură de ecran din 2017.08.26 la 18.02.51

Como is not so far away, something like 1 hour almost, but the train stops at every station. More than that, you get to stay on your feet the whole journey if they are many old people (they leave their luggages on the seats next to them, perhaps to do not get them dirty).

So, once again, I leave Milano for another much greater place.




Lake Como is quite big and has many small towns around it. I didn’t do much research in order to see which one is the most beautiful one, but I did looked at which one is the closest one to Milano. And that would be the Como town.


Of course the first thing I ran to see, was the view of the lake and the mountains. I loved it a lot, but it would have been a 5 star view, if it had those rocky peaks. Not the soft and full of trees one.



Every now and then, a plane would take off from the surface of the lake.


A small stop to admire the beautiful Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta.


Just like in the day… Apartments from Piazza del Duomo.


The cathedral once again, but now detail shots.



Teatro Sociale to the left of the image and the cathedral to the right side of the image.


Perhaps the same plane I saw taking off, now above my head.


A not so rare sight. An Italian Piaggio and a Fiat in this beautiful Italian town.



Funiculare. The destination, can be seen up on the mountain to the right. The line takes some time, so feel free to enjoy ice-cream or beer from the near pub.


A small piece of advice: Don’t stay in front or back of the funicular. There is no ventilation there.


Up, the view is not so great, due to many restaurants and trees, so the best thing to do is to go hiking a bit.

The tower of Chiesa di Sant’Andrea Apostolo.


An old house along the road (but with new windows).


A house from Via Giacomo Scalini, as seen from the hiking path.


The following image, remembers me of my country side (Sovata- Romania). Most houses look in this way there, the only difference being that there are more many, bigger and more colorful.

This particularly one had a huge wall, much like a fortress and a beautiful tower on one end. The pictures are not so great, so I did not posted them, because of the huge number of electrical/cable/phone cables that were blocking the shot.


Right there in the distance, is Milano.


Hotel Paradiso sul Lago.


Faro Voltiano. I saw while editing this post that there is an entrance fee to this monument, but while I was there, I saw the door closed. Perhaps I arrived to late for that day…


A grasshopper.


The beautiful view over the Como lake, the Alpine mountains and Cernobbio, Gentrino, Maslianico and many other small towns. Also in the distance it can be seen the huge railway station from Chiasso.


The lighthouse that servers also as a monument to Alessandro Volta.


A close-up to the place where Torrente Breggia flows into the lake.


Down there is Villa Olmo with it’s park.



Railway station from Chiasso.


Sunset over the region. This picture was taken from Piazza della Chiesa. I did it while waiting for my dinner to be ready. The restaurant to be avoided is the one located at Albergo Vista Lago. Very bad food (did not eat not even half) and huge prices (for the bad food). No wonder  I was almost alone…



While waiting for the hour to get the train, I started to make more pictures, in search of that pinky sunset… Instead it was blue and yellow.


Como is a good vacation spot, I don’t know how much the hotels costs, but I would say that the opportunity to go hiking is such a beautiful decor, the chance to get a private flight over the lake and not eat ravioli, makes it a delightful destination.

I don’t remember not liking something about this place… except the indian-mexican restaurant on top of the mountain (that had no customers). I would still chose Innsburck for the people and the castles, but again, I have not seen the hole Como lake, just a very, very, small part of it.



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