Verona – IT

pula-arena-croatiaWith much sadness we leave from Innsbruck and head towards Verona – one of the many commercial cities of Italy (fashion malls on the streets). Overrated clothes everywhere, combined with actual italian products, overrated pizza and pasta, overrated ice-creams and lots of tourists with bags. This is the typical Italian city (not village).

Captură de ecran din 2017.08.26 la 18.06.46

The OBB train left the Austrian station and was heading towards the Italian border. With every corner, tunnel or bridge, more and more beautiful alpine landscapes were catching the eyes of everyone in the train.

Tirol region.


The Italiano – Austrain border. Brenner.



One of the many castles in Tyrol region.


Verona experience (or actually Italian experience) did not start on a happy note. First, at arrival was so hot that we could barely breath.

Secondly, we took the cab to go to the hotel and it seem that he wanted to take all the lights on red. Then we arrived at 3:50 at the hotel and they told us to wait every 10 minutes, another 10 minutes more. So at 4:30 we entered in the room. (Hotel Maxim btw)

The place has something like 7,4 on Booking, but it smelled very bad, it was very old, they had no soap and on top of all, the air condition is just noise. For lack of soap, air conditioning and 40 minutes of waiting to do the check-in, I refused to pay some 4 euro tax.

Later, I found out, that is in the law to pay between 2 and 5 euros per tourist per night (up to 14 nights).

Very angry because of the poor accommodation and long time waiting we took the bus and headed towards the center.

Portoni della Bra. (and the toy store on the right)


Palazzo Barbieri on the right side and the Arena di Verona on the left side.


Porta Cittadella.


Detail shot of the arena (here are many concerts and in photos looks cool. We did not get ticket since the thunderstorm clouds and the lightnings, indicated that there will be rain).




Lightnings over Verona (Piazza delle Erbe)


There are many areas with a small market point, but if you miss them, don’t worry! Verona is full of stores. And if there is a big line at a Gelateria, go find another one just around the corner.


Palazzo del Podesta.


Dante Alighieri.


Porta Nuova.


Tempio Votivo.


Lightnings again, but now with Santuario Nostra Signora di Lourdes in the background.



Interesting menu served at a restaurant at Ponte Nuovo, near the River Adige. Small round bread, no bigger than a jar cap served with 8+4 sauces. The bacon and salami…

They don’t serve ravioli 😔.


Another day passed and we were in the train station again, heading to our final destination (before going home) -> Milano.

I did not have time to see a lot of Verona, but from a few hours spent here I will say this:

  • Spain and Italy are more sister countries than I would have expected;
  • Churches, buildings, and streets feel very familiar (Just like in Galicia, Castilla)
  • People talk as laud as in Spain and the language is very similar (Gracias is Grazie here);
  • Bacon and bread is a thing here too (not just in Galicia);
  • No ravioli, also a thing here too (did not expect that all famous italian cousine would be ignored in favor of bacon, chips and bread);
  • Trillions of stores and pubs (just like in Galicia and Castilla);
  • In Galicia and Portugal, ice-cream tastes and looks just like the Italian one. In every city I was, if it was warm outside, at least, I would take the same Pistachio Ice-cream just to find out which one tastes better. In Verona wasn’t the best one, but was sweeter than in Vigo.
  • Nastro Azzurro is not very Italian (they don’t recognize it as their beer)
  • Will I come here again? Definitely no!

At the train station, in Verona, I remembered of the great time spent in Germany and Austria, so I hoped that in Milano, things gonna get better.




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