Innsbruck – AT

mountainNature, beautiful historical city and lots of tourists. Oh and OBB. 😍  There is not a place like it (for what I’ve seen) and there is no place where I wish so hardly to return to, than Austria. But before showing what I liked and what I missed, where is the day with the departure.

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Morning in Munchen, Germany, breakfast, rush to Marienplatz to buy the iconic german leather pants, rush back to hotel and pack everything and rush back to the city, namely to the train station.

A day before this one, we went to the main train station and we were thinking, why wait at huge lines? We can buy the tickets in the same old fashion way, just like in Spain or France, from an automated machine. Problem was, that the machine that had Innsbruck as a destination, it did not ask us for the day, nor the hour. But we did not panic, since there are tickets with hop on hop off (no day, no hour, no seat). So we put ourselves at a line at InfoPoint and find out that we need to get informations for this ticket some place else. We take a waiting number and wait 20 minutes at DB info point just to tell us that the ticket is for international trains and we need to go elsewhere… Back to InfoPoint, argue with them for why they pointed us badly and then they told us to go elsewhere again.

Finally we found out what we needed and yes, the ticket was for a train that just went away, so we had a replacement (for free and some money back) for the next day. To sweeten the day, we went to Lidl.

So here we are, waiting for departure.



The route from Munchen to Innsbruck is very beautiful 🏔😳🚞 and quite interesting too. (different villages with bizarre church roofs, lots of cows, ski ramps and beautiful Alpine landscape). Since mountains are my thing, here are some pictures:



At arrival, in the train station, I took the liberty to make dozens of photos of all the OBB trains that I saw. (since I am a huge fan)



We went to the hotel, checked-in and asked for directions on how to go on top of the mountain fast and until what hour.

The lady said that until 19:00 I can get to the top, but it was more like 17:00. There is a funicular that gets you to the first check point, but after that you need to take the cable. Probably you guessed which one is until 5 a clock…

We would have had time for it, if  I wouldn’t have decided to buy another scale model train (souvenir from Austria – utility wagon from OBB) and also returning to the hotel to get a battery for my camera. So we left the mountain peek for the next day and the next day we were too tired so in the end here is Innsbruck (without the mountain).

Adamgasse street. This image, while not being the most beautiful, it does represents almost all I saw in Innsbruck: Red trams that are very tall and quiet, German and Italian cars, bicyclists that cycle on the street (on a special line, but not like in Munchen on the same place like the pedestrians), clean and colorful high buildings and high and breathtaking mountains.


Most pubs have their name made out of wrought iron with golden accents.


The Alps can be seen from everywhere in Innsbruck (Triumphpforte on the left and Goldene Krone on the right side of the image, with the university MCI Management center Innsbruck IV right behind it). Just in this one picture, you can see the great historical buildings in full color, with light tones on the windows. Must be really great here in the winter…


A commemoration place and also a kids/adult playground, perfect for bikes and skateboards. Here I waited for the moment when also the flag would be in best position. (Befreiungsdenkmal)







Annasaule (Saint Anne Collumn).


Spitalskirche church tower.



The iconic Golden Roof Museum and Stadtturm (a tower that you can visit and climb to the top to get a panoramic view over Innsbruck. Sadly I did arrive too late and the next day, they would open late also and close early, so this part was missed, also…)


The beautiful (classic European, with close buildings and lots of shops in first levels) Herzog-Friedrich-Strabe street.




Another take on the Golden Roof Museum (another attraction that we missed).


Across the River Inn, there are these beautifully painted houses (Mariahilfstrabe street).


The Alps and the Dom zu St. Jakob.




Like I said, many wrought iron works of art, that help change the mood of the streets.






View from the window, in the morning (also check the time-lapse bellow the post)


I was sad that I had to leave but I kept myself thinking that I will be back! Just like I promised that I would revisit Sintra, the same I did now for Austria.

I did not have the chance to visit almost nothing. The only place I stopped was to get shade from rain and to eat. But I would wanted very much to go to the top of the mountain from Lowenhaus to Alpenzoo and from there to Hungerburg via a funicular. And from this point, directly to the top, to Hafelekarbahn (2269m). Following this, a journey on the top of the mountain passing Seegrubenspitze 2350m and on to Kemacher 2480m and down to the center of the city, by foot. I presume this is one day trip.

Captură de ecran din 2017.08.26 la 14.45.12.png

I would climb also the tower and visit the Golden Roof Museum.

And as a last thing, I think I would move in here. It is so great, and close to pretty much everything I like (Germany and France and Romania, close to the Mediterranean sea, close to train Museums and so on).

Food was great and the people from Ibis were also the best (unlike Munchen)

But now, with OBB, to Verona, Italy.



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