Part 3. A Guarda – Castro de Santa Tecla – ES

ruins.pngJust like I said in the previous posts I wanted to see the ruins from A Guarda, when the sun would set down over the ocean. So for that, I checked first on the map ( to see where is located the place and then decided how much time I should stay during the wildlife session.

Captură de ecran din 2017.06.28 la 22.24.21.png

Little I knew that it would be so beautiful. After mesmerizing at the river and the Portuguese border, I started my  climb towards the ruins. One day of hiking and climbing with heavy equipment (one telephoto lenses and one fish-eye lens) plus the cold and strong winds ended up in giving me such bad migraines that I could barely stay on my feet.

So my whole idea of making a time-lapse with the sun setting, went down the river. I will come back, in full day, to make photos of the fauna that live in the near region. Perhaps I will also be  done in time for the sunset to try again to make my time-lapse.

Meanwhile here are the images:





One thing is bad when having such subjects and that is, you need to make multiple exposures or use gradient filters. I tried with both, but I find the filters to work better in conjunction with polarized ones. So double set-up.








Just by judging the images, you can see that this place is so great, that there is no reason not to visit if you find yourself in the area. But take something on you, because here the wind is very strong…

As a bonus for this post, here is a picture from Vigo, before going on the big trip.



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