Part 2. Mougas – A bugs life – ES

dragonflyThis is the very first time I am buying a lens with the sole purpose of making pictures of wildlife. And for a first trip, I was disappointed… Tamron is not the best and sadly, is not even a good one either. Product it is manufactured in China and with that might scare a few, I didn’t give it too much attention since most things come from there anyway, but now I understand the fear. It has to do with the sharpness. Out of 5 stars, this one has 2, and that only because I like the way I can stabilize my shots even in recording mode.

Captură de ecran din 2017.06.25 la 23.04.36

Going closer to the border with Portugal, by the coast, there is an interesting hiking route, that starts at Mougas and finishes at a waterfall. If you look at where I drew the pinpoint sign, there should be the finish. We started the walk right where is the X on the map.



I took a shortcut and found in just a few minutes my first dragon-fly sitting in the sun. But I had bad time getting more close to it, in order to get the details, so I got a bit upset because of the waste of my money… Now I know that an insane macro lens is better. (but also to expensive for my hobby. best choice is to get a 150-200 euro lens instead of jumping at double…)

Then I got more lucky. I saw a second dragon-fly, and took nice detail shots of the  blue wings and head and some with the whole body. For some reason, the insect didn’t want to leave for a good 20 or so minutes. During that time a few butterfly flew by, so I started to make photos of those too and came back to greenly.

Here are some photos of that trip:










Seeing life so close, made me wonder how can I get even more in detail. And all of a sudden, I started to see mini-world in every place I was pointing my camera. Such example is the next image, where I imagined a view from a plane, over a forest, near  a lake and wet sand:


Next one, looks more like a tree-creature that looks down to his kinds, hiding under the green plant. A playing dead tree – how silly it sounds, but does look like that.


A shipyard, that will produce flying vessels, designed to travel the forest, to a new world.


Round houses.


Shy flower.


The main attractions in the area, are the two waterfalls that are interesting, no doubt. One at middle distance, and the other one, at destination.



Other honorable mentions are the appearance of horses on the track, and also people who were enjoying a horseback ride.


My luck was solid for I found another dragon-fly that stood so much in one place (a good 2 minutes, before flying away) that I could even record it.



The magnificent view from the forest, towards the sea:


Last encounter, was a small lizard, for which I waited many minutes, first to make pictures and then to film it. Apearently it had a bee in his mouth and perhaps it wanted to leave it in another place. But at more than 3 meters from her, were two humans pointing black objects towards and they were not moving 🙂

After getting a few seconds of footage here are the results:




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