Part 1 – Moulin, Mill, Moara, Muino – ES

wind-millMy childhood dream was and still is to make images and short films about nature and it’s many faces. Now of course I don’t have money for the perfect gear, nor to get to the richest places in beauty but I start from somewhere to get experience.

My first camera was a point and shoot film camera (Fujifilm) and I would make photos at countryside with subjects like nature, trains, animals and bugs.

Then I had another FujiFilm that I used to make short clips and then many years after, while been sent here in Spain to work, I bought my first DSLR.

Since now I am in this European paradise (away from the traumas of the world) where just beer, beaches and soccer counts, I decided it is the perfect place to make some pictures of wildlife and relive the joy of my childhood. So far I saw some interesting birds in Portugal (Sintra) and a few insects here and there, oh, and a rabbit and three foxes in the woods.

So I went on and bought the not so really cheap Tamron SP AF 70-300 F/4-5.6 Di VC USD. It is a bla bla bla heavy made in China full frame lens that you cannot really use at 300mm so well, but with practice, I think I will get beautiful results (and I did). With this and my camera and a bottle of water I planned a trip: To A Guarda and hicking.

Captură de ecran din 2017.07.01 la 21.17.25

On road to the closest waterfall to Vigo, in direction of A Guarda, I came across a Wind Mill. You will find it either by looking very carefully at the coast, or by seeing these two: A giant stone on top of a pillar, that looks just like a nose and if you don’t spot this one, there is also a tasteless looking yellow building that you will see it for sure.



Here is a parking, and from here there is a few minutes (not more than 5 if you don’t stop for pictures) to a camping site where the wind mill is located.

I would definitely camp here. It has everything as sports activities go (tennis, soccer, pool, etc.)  supermarket and the view! Wow the view!






Did not stay much, since my goal was to test the lenses and also catch the sunset at A Guarda, so go, check those out!



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