The Carnival is in town – Vigo – Spain

amusement-parkAlmost every weekend, Spains towns and some villages have something to offer to its residents. One week is Pontevedra, then Nigran, Vigo, Redondela etc. And they never overlap, meaning you will not have bad time thinking to which one to go, and to which one to skip.

Captură de ecran din 2017.06.18 la 23.08.22

So it happens, that I was to see the Carnival that just came. It took some days of preparations, but on a rainy Saturday, I took my umbrella (like many times before) and headed towards the stadium thinking perhaps I will get lucky and it will not rain.


Then, after seeing how the clouds were advancing, I was thinking that perhaps nobody will come today, because of the bad weather so I will have bad luck of finding the place deserted, just like it was during the week.

In fact… it was 100% full. All ages, but mostly teenagers, were staying in line for various games and amusement park attractions. Here in Galicia there are many sweets that are typical, and with time I found, that they bring to the party every time almost the same things 😦 .

I have a strong feeling that the owners of the park were Romanians, that forgot the language. They insisted many times to hand them the images. I gave them my Facebook page, but I hope in future, images will go to them somehow. They were kind and polite (like most of them when it comes to such events) and also gave me space and opportunity to make photos. To be more exact, some attractions such as spinning wheels had no clients. After a few minutes of me trying to get pictures of the different colors of the lights, the machine suddenly starts to spin. I look towards the person who was in charge of it, and he smiled. I felt bad that moment for not having a piece of paper and the FB page name on it.

And so, on 27 May, I decided, that I need a website, so this is it!

It was fun and I enjoyed also a few attractions, but mostly the live concert.

All photos are hand held, so I had a bad time trying to keep everything in focus and sharp, but this is the fun of taking pictures in crowded areas 🙂













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