Lugo – The great wall – Spain

great-wall-of-china.pngI have seen great images about Lugo , on Google, while searching for a next 1 day trip. So I found this city, with a huge wall surrounding its old center. Problem was (at the time) that it had no train to get me there. So I started to look for alternatives, such as buses or trains with connections.

Captură de ecran din 2017.07.05 la 07.15.13.png

So this is one of the reasons I was late to arrive at this place, while being first to Leon. First stop here was the Provincial Museum or the San Pedro Church as seen bellow.



What I liked most, was the combination of modern/simple with very old architecture, like modern stairways and antic mosaics. The same goes for this corridor and window (to the church).





The Roman wall surrounding the old center, is of course, more intimidating and beautiful than in pictures and it is also the main attraction.

Well not exactly… There are also churches that look magnificent and almost like everytime, they are more beautiful outside than inside.



Cathedral de Lugo, tall tall tall! So tall that even while being positioned in the corners of the roman wall, you can actually see it no matter which one you choose.(while walking up, on the roman wall).





At Praza Maior (a small park) it’s not only that trees look ‘french’ like, all cut to seem equal, but looking from the inside out, they are far more interesting. Take for example this one (image bellow). It does seem to look like the baboon from the Disney animation The Lion King, except it’s missing the blue and red colors.






Yes, these images are made inside the roman wall, so the buildings are from there.




There is a mixture between Old and forgotten (inside the wall) with new and vivid (outside the wall). I don’t know if everything is like this intentionally but at some point I like it more like this. It’s true that I fear of entering in abandoned houses, fearing that they may collapse, but also I could not enter in a new one, since, in most cases, they are private proprieties. So, like most times, I enjoy from the outside.



But on the bellow image there is a sight, that remembered me of a dear comic movie, Stuart Little, or better yet the Little’s. Did the one who wrote the script, was here? And if so, did it saw “the mouse”?

To be honest, I have never seen a wall like the one in Lugo (and for good reason too, since it’s the best roman wall preserved and also the only in the world to remain entirely intact). The sight of this house, made me remember a few months later (when I write this) that this trip was special.





A well trained dog, performing circus like moments.


I believe this moment here, was my true luck in the whole trip. These two pigeons acting like on a love story set, only that this time is for real.



There is also an old roman bridge over the Mino River, that unlike the wall, it was repaired and reconstructed several times.


This trip was awesome, and in my opinion, Lugo is still a great place to visit. It has two (in my opinion) unique sights (the wall and the small house), with a lot of other attractions seen also in this post. I definitely recommend to visit the museum that truly has a lot to offer (except the right to make photos in every place).

Lugo is part of Galicia, and if we don’t talk about beaches, islands, natural parks or port cities, I choose Lugo as the best place to visit in this side of Spain. A Guarda is also full of history and beautiful landscapes, but for photography, I think that only the sunset makes it look good. While in Lugo, no matter the position of the sun, or the moon, it is a great.





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