Redondela – ES Part 1. The train chase

golden-gate-bridgeI love the place. Also because I can get here by train, and because I can get to see a very high bridge and a fast train running on top of it. So one day I was like, I should go there again, but after work, and also before sunset, so I get all those crazy colors.

Captură de ecran din 2017.06.11 la 23.05.34.png

And so I was in the train with my umbrella, my camera and the tripod. I knew exactly where to go and from there at what hour should the train pass so that I can get the shots. Because I had more than 1,5 hours time till the sunset, I took a longer route on foot, with the umbrella and the camera ready.











Now I am at the spot, calibrating my camera while holding also the umbrella. Since I was ready 15 minutes earlier then the time the train should pass,  I tried to find a better spot to put the tripod. But while looking at the test shots, I found the picture to have to many elements in it, but decided to stay anyway and catch the train as it comes. Maybe another day, I will pick another spot. There are some better ones I think.


The pictures that follow, are on way to the train station, and back home.






There are some advantages in making photos in the rain. Reflections, raindrops on small objects such as plants, the colours and the chance to see a rainbow. But the umbrella that keeps falling, or the lenses that need cleaning (I use the “rocket” to blow with air the drops, out of the lens. I find it better, but longer).

This is my first time since I own a camera, that I went making photos while it was raining, and even hard rain at times.




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