10. Cabo Da Roca – the end of the big trip

round-compassAfter seeing the bridges, there was just one more thing to check, before going on the long road directly home: The most western point of continental Europe. I actually was not surprise to see that it was packed with tourists. And I also did a bunch of photos with myself next to the cross.

Captură de ecran din 2017.06.13 la 22.35.50

After seeing so many things, that are very very different from what I am used to and I also loved them, Cabo da Roca found me tired and like I said, way to crowded.

For me it was much like Peniche, but less interesting. Actually the first thing I saw was that there were many of those flowers that I saw earlier at Peniche. And I also found out the name of it: Carpobrotus edulis -> or ice place or pigface or to make things even more interesting, this plant was put here by people, and it spread so much. It is native to Africa much like other things that portuguese people brought back from there…

These are the picture I chose to represent this final destination from my first big trip.










It feels so bad to return home, to work, to lack of new things at every corner. But it also feels good, in a sense that you get back to you kind of food, your house, your friends and colleagues. When I write this is actually 2 months after this photo was taken and even now it feels like just yesterday I saw everything.

And that’s it for this trip. More to come, and bigger trips to make.



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