9.3 Lisboa – By night – PT

moonThe third post, is all about night photography. Most shots were hand-held or with assistance of a light post, or fence or anything that was close to me at the time. Carrying around even a small tripod, would add to much weight to my backpack. In a future post I will also cover what I find the best choice of camera gear and backpacks (since I had a few).

Captură de ecran din 2017.06.14 la 23.13.35

When we took the metro back to the center, as we got out, it was already getting dark outside. But unlike the last time I was here (during the day), now, there were many many people outside. Here are the night pictures:












Many times I found Lisboa, to resemble a lot with Paris. From the pavement, some buildings (that did not have the signature ceramic tiles) and also the mood.

Also the view on the river is beautiful, but like I said: I don’t think this was a good period for Lisboa to shine. So few people, not so many boats on the river.

At one point I thought, they were all at Sintra…





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