07. Lourinha – PT

tyrannosaurus-rex-dinosaur-silhouette-2Now if you have a kid then sure, why not? You should stop, visit, but I think a toy will serve him better. How did I ended up seeing this? Well I was on way to Sintra (the place to spend the night before Lisboa) and I came across a red Circus. So red and so beautiful that we stopped, I took my camera, and started shooting photos. But just on a fence, there, was a poster with: Lourinha – The capital of dinosaurs. I was like, oook let’s check it out, perhaps is more interesting than the last place!

Captură de ecran din 2017.06.13 la 00.02.45

And so we ended up stopping here, and visiting the museum. I am not a hater, and I saw the whole museum, and went in every corner of it (not big by the way).

All I can say, it is placed in a not so big a village, the museum is also not that big. Yet If you don’t mind looking at replicas… well go, like I did! But don’t expect much! Grutas da Moeda is still the best in this category. Then the dino-footprints, if they are real, then this place… I am sure I have not seen the best of Portugal in this matter. But I will!

The museum has other strong points, but not the dinosaur part. So don’t go there just for that 🙂 (small note, the image bellow, is actually from a small cathedral presented in the museum. I managed to put the camera’s 8mm lens inside and with lots of trial and error, I nailed it!)








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