06. Peniche – PT

coastOn the last post I said that I saw and interesting thing on my map. A green square with something written on it. Since Obidos was a detour, the last location on my phone remained, so we continued our road towards Lisboa, but with another detour, and quite a beautiful one.

Captură de ecran din 2017.06.12 la 23.35.48

Peniche is a small peninsula and that made me curious also, not just the square on my map. On one side of the road I had huge sand dunes, except I could not get them in a photo, since we had no way to stop the car in the area. Secondly there was something  smelly in the area, like very bad. So we continued to drive to the very extreme part of the peninsula.

On the first image I edited a bit the colors and contrast so that the island will be visible. To tell you the truth, when I saw the first time the picture on my laptop I was amazed the zoom got that, not to mention that my eyes could not see to the distant fog so well. Of course 135mm is not much of a zoom, but still, after cropping the image, is better than my vision.






I did not do to many photos, but I haven’t stayed there too much either. I enjoyed walking on rocks, and feel a bit dizzy because of the heights. Also the wind was not helping me much, and when I saw the small boat that goes to the very far away island, I returned more or less alone to the car. I really wanted to go there, but on a safer boat at least.

Is this Echinopsis? If so… there is an interesting story to that.


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