05. Obidos – PT

fortress-with-battlementsJust after leaving Nazare, on the road towards Lisboa, I saw something strange on the map. By the way I use Maps.Me app on my phone. A natural park right inside the water. Since I have no internet, I set road towards that just to check it out.

While on the road towards that park, on my right, I saw a beautiful citadel like village, so I proposed to stop there to take a few pictures, get water and get ASAP back. And what a good surprise it was. Not need to say I stood a couple of hours. I have so many photos of almost every corner.

Captură de ecran din 2017.06.11 la 17.11.38

The place is absolutely great! In some parts, while walking, you can actually imagine with eyes wide open, the cavalry marching through the narrow streets, up towards the center.

And is not just this perfect preservation, and modernization that you cannot see like in most other settlements such as this one. No, it is also the books. You can buy literature everywhere! The church is a library, the vegetable store is also a huge library, at the ice-cream store, coffee shop, pub, everywhere. See the images:















As you probably noticed the yellow, blue on white theme, rests in all Portuguese towns. But in Obidos it was also the old stone walls, the citadel type of town, the streets, the walk, the vegetation, the bench with magenta flowers and the libraries.

Obidos is a must to see, for all ages. Perhaps when I said that Fatima is also a must, well not for all ages, and Nazare, if it has no big waves, then is just Nazare, not so wow. But Obidos for me was more interesting. Up there with different places from Sintra. But that, in another story.


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