04. Nazare – PT

surfing-a-sea-turtleThis place is all about the waves. The underwater relief turns waves into colossal ones and so made here a surfers Mecca. Well not on 14th of April  it did not. Normal waves were everywhere on the coast. So I kept watching the app that supposed to tell me if big waves will, or will not come. And the answer was -> not this time period.

Captură de ecran din 2017.06.11 la 11.45.57

Arriving at the beach and making some photos here was a bit booring. Same water, same small waves. But the there I saw this tall funicular. I went with one in Paris and Vigo, but not so big, and with a cross for two funiculars to pass by. So I rushed there, done some pictures of a interesting game played by women and… some 50 people waiting in line.






When I saw the beautiful and yet intimate Nazare, I had nothing to compare it with. And I still don’t have. Most building are white with the typical blue ceramic tiles. Some buildings also have yellow stripes or yellow base. Many, and I repeat, many buildings seem forgotten. But not the funicular station that besides it was full of tourists, it also had a masterpiece of ceramic tiles. I love Nazare, I love it! I spent 20 minutes maybe watching this wall.


Then, the view from above.











I might dare to say that the coffee here was the best. Yep here in Nazare i had the best (local) coffee from my whole trip.

Captură de ecran din 2017.06.11 la 14.46.31.png

Up here there are many places to make pictures, and if it’s not so crowded then even get artistic.

Nazare is definitely a good place to visit especially in October-November when the waves are big. I will return in that period of time and catch the big ones and report back if I had fun or not.

Until then, here are a flower and two cats and the very first thing that wowed me when I first arrived at night in Nazare.





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