03. Fatima – PT

icon-3One day could not last forever. So we were heading towards the final destination for this day. But as we were entering in Fatima, and seeing all the buses and people, we started to think the obvious. We will not sleep here, but perhaps in Nazare. But lets leave that for now.

Fatima is a new city, and many details can be found on Wiki, such as why is it a pilgrim place, why the date 13 is so important and correlated with religious visions, and why the Pope wvisited also many times.

Captură de ecran din 2017.06.11 la 01.45.56

Ironically I was at Fatima in the 13th of April, just one month before the marking of 100 years since the first appearing. But also, one month before the borders would be closed, and traveling in that direction would be a nightmare.

I have to note that I have never been to such a place, so when I arrived here, and saw the huge area designated to pilgrims and christians, I felt like I was in Vatican.

Here are some images.





I loved this place. After a long road, a beautiful cave and lovely people, to the running did in the Dinosaur park, I have finally found a quiet place took my filters out, set my tripod and did some pictures.

It’s also true, it was praying time, so everybody was inside the church Basilica de Nossa Senhora de Rosario de Fatima. You can see the church itself is tall, white, pure.

Since it was soon to be dark, we left the liturgy and wondered around more. As hypnotized I was approaching the cylindrical shaped Basilica da Santissima Trinidade and tried to make a photo of the structure, the statue, the … well everything except the crane.










Walked until sun was down, but also until tiredness won.

In my opinion, this place is not to be missed. Even if you go to Lisboa and stay there a few days, why not take the train, get here, stay a few hours, take a walk, then go back. I loved it, and I hope to return.

As a last image, I will show my first interesting bird caught on my camera since I began making pictures. It is a hoopoe bird and it took me 10-12 minutes to take a decent shot. I had luck the bird was busy, sadly my zoom is just 135mm, on a 300mm would have been easy. But the 18-135mm is far better than changing the lenses and see the bird fly away…




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