02. The Dinosaur Footprints from Ourem

dinosaur-shape-of-brachiosaurus-2As I was waiting at the shop, just outside Grutas da Moeda, I came across a flyer with a place  where you can see Dinosaur footprints: Monumento Natural das Pegadas de Dinossaurios de Serra de Aire.

Captură de ecran din 2017.06.11 la 00.38.47

Because it was about to close in just one hour and a half, I asked the person who was selling fossils, if he thinks I can make it there and also I have time to visit the place.

He said that if I move fast I might just see something. So back in the car, and in no more that 20 minutes we were parking at the new place.

The person who was selling tickets, told us (me and my partner) that in 40 minutes she will close so she cannot sell any tickets, since it takes a full hour minimum to see the place. More in a joke or not, I told her that I cannot come here anytime soon, so 30 minutes is enough for me. She sold two tickets, and then we rushed in.

And rushed we were to the end.



Just seeing how big the place was, we literally ran to get down and see what was there.


And we found printed images and plants. In 15 minutes we did not really had any time to read much and I don’t remember much of what was there. But I do remember that was more or less interesting.

Then on a plateau we really saw some prints. In the image bellow they are the small circular prints, that look more like horseshoes. I really do hope they were real.


I don’t really know if it is really worth going here, but since I lost just one hour and some 10 minutes on the highway + the park…

With todays hunger to make money out of everything that someone might or nor need, with false advertising and false reporting, I can only add that in my opinion (as a normal person that once kid, loved dinosaurs ) those footprints were not so wow. And the ticket was too much. The fossil insect, that I bought back the Grutas da Moeda brought me more satisfaction and it keeps doing that.

So I ended up taking some photos of the wind turbines.



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